Are you looking to shift your money habits to align with your goals? Do you feel like money is the one topic that feels too massive and overwhelming to tackle? 

My name is Ashleigh Evans, and I certainly did. Before I  decided to separate from the Navy in 2018, I was looking at $35,000 in debt. I had a year to become debt-free before I lost my primary source of income. 

So I paid all my debt off in 6 months. And then I used those same tactics to grow my net worth to $300,000 today. 

In Catch This Currency, I walk you through shifting your mindset that anchor your money behaviors and the systems I've used to create my wealth. In 5 weeks, not only will you have the belief system in place to achieve all of your financial dreams, but you'll have the physical system too! 


Take a peek at what's inside Catch This Currency

  • Catch This Currency Online Course

  • 5 hour-long one-on-one sessions with Ashleigh

  • My First $100K workbook

  • Money mindset journal questions

Take Me to Catch This Currency!

I totally want in on improving my financial future!


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Stephanie Thompson

Ashleigh impressed me with her knowledge of and experience in the real estate industry. She has been investing for years, learning so much along the way, and she is so open to sharing her lessons learned so you can skip ahead of any mistakes she made and fast track your own success! She advocates for financial independence for all, but is completely honest in her approach, never making unrealistic promises (like “get rich quick”). Ashleigh is in it for the long game and is passionate about helping you do the same!

Enochia Anderson

Knowledgeable, professional and direct in providing insightful solutions in an compassionate way. Optimized every moment of our session to speak life into my vision and help me navigate a way forward. Thank you, Ashleigh.

Ariel Tinker

Ashleigh is so professional and knows the real estate investing market so well. She connected me to online resources to get started, connected me to other people in my city whi are doing what I hope to do and created a plan of action. I was so impressed with what she had to offer, I will be utilizing her services again in the near future and recommend her to anyone considering a consultation.